Meet JBS Chief Operations Officer Clark Curry

Clark Curry is the COO of The John Birch Society, but also the President of Curry Insurance in Oklahoma. Clark joined The John Birch Society as a member in 1974. He travels to Wisconsin almost every week to work in the headquarters office from Monday to Wednesday. He earned a bachelor’s degree in accounting from Central State College in Edmond, Oklahoma, and entered the insurance business soon after. He was appointed COO in 2010, and serves on the Executive Committee.
A little about his personal life: Clark and his wife, Janis, have been married for 43 years and have two children and six grandchildren. Clark and his wife like to travel, and have visited 49 of the 50 state capitols. (Which one haven’t they visited?) And, if you’re ever in Wewoka, OK for the Wewoka Sorghum Festival, there’s a good possibility you’ll run into Clark, or at least some of his relatives because they always cook the molasses for the festival.

Fun fact: Clark loves birdwatching, and is an avid Cardinals fan, so he was ecstatic when the Cardinals made it into the World Series.

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