Thank You East Coast For This Lovely Weather

Hey, guess what? It’s officially winter! YAY! (Note: sarcasm on the part of the writers). Today here in Appleton we got the first hit of winter; snow, rain, and the ever so lovely sleet.  None of which we were prepared for (Not entirely true. Some of us were dressed appropriately. Others, not so much).   But, it’s now WINTER IN WISCONSIN and I have a feeling tomorrow we will see a new wardrobe for those here at headquarters, consisting of winter jackets, hats, mittens, scarves and boots. Time to break out the hot chocolate (or coffee and tea for the chocolate haters or health conscious), blankets, and turn up the heat and fireplaces (if you’re lucky enough to have one.) We can all be thankful it’s not like the storm that hit the East Coast however, because we’re still expected to be at the office, unless we can’t get out the door (literally)! But we’re not breaking out the Christmas tunes and decorations just yet, partially because we’re still two weeks away from Thanksgiving, but mostly because we’re hoping tomorrow brings 50 degree weather.

Outside the Office

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