Meet Sr. Executive Assistant Julie Smith

Julie Smith has worked for JBS for 15 years.  Julie started out working in the Membership Department doing data entry.  She was then promoted to the position of Assistant to the VP, then Director of Field Support.  She also worked as the Director of the Speaker’s Bureau for a couple of years.  In 2005, with the change in leadership, she became Art Thompson’s Executive Assistant.  Julie says when she was interviewed for the job, what struck her the most was how passionate her interviewers were about the organization.   It was very evident to her that they really believed in mission of the JBS and that is what made her want to work here too!  Julie is so happy to be working at JBS and really, truly enjoys her coworkers (But then again who wouldn’t love us?!?!, I can answer that too, NOT MANY) and agrees we’re a GREAT group of people to work with!

Julie is married to a wonderful husband and together they have 5 children and 3 grandchildren.  She enjoys spending time with my family and friends, and likes to entertain in their home.  They are very involved in their local church, being ushers and small group leaders there.

Fun Fact: Julie’s favorite thing to do is play volleyball.  She has a group of friends that she plays with and they have an outdoor court (use weather permitting).  Some of their best games have been in the rain (mud holes are great) and snow (although the ball gets really hard!)

You tell us if she looks like a volleyball player?

One Comment on “Meet Sr. Executive Assistant Julie Smith”

  1. John V Fried says:

    I tried to place a repprint and regular order together today but had to place two orders instead. Please combine into one order to save postage.

    Thank You
    John Fried – Denver Chapter DQNZ


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