Occupy and JBS

Yesterday we had a young man come into the office with some questions about what we do and what our stance is on the Occupy movement. (For new visitors, we would just like you to know that JBS is a not-for-profit educational organization that organizes concerned Americans to help accomplish less government, more responsibility, and—with God’s help—a better world. JBS educates others on the problems that face Americans and the constitutional solutions that will help restore prosperity for all.) The Occupy movement started with Occupy Wall Street in New York City and has been replicated across America in many large cities. It is supposed to be a stance against social and economic inequality, with many of their proposed solutions not looking to the individual, but to the collective masses. You’ll find many slogans and signs pushing communism, socialism and anarchy at their rallies.

This gentleman yesterday was no different. We did manage to find some common ground during the conversation, but his wild views and loud and exasperated manner only managed to get him frustrated and he left as quickly as he arrived.

Little does he know that much of what he sees as injustices today can be cured through the simple fix that JBS offers: less government and more responsibility.

It was an interesting time, to say the least!

One Comment on “Occupy and JBS”

  1. Michael Lewis says:

    The thing i don’t get is…how along the way during the time of raising these kids did their parents forget the basic precepts of what it was to be American, such as freedom of choice, freedom to pursue one’s own happiness, and the right to make one’s own fortune (i.e. the free market system) To me it seems that these parents failed there children in lot telling them that the REAL WORLD doesn’t care if they feel bad about themselves, the REAL WORLD is based on get it when you can, and if someone has the hubris to go out and make millions, good for them, if they want the same money, then get up off of their lazy socialistic butts and go do the same, no one is gonna stop them except for themselves, this new social idea of giving everyone a medal, instead of just the winners has done nothing but to downgrade the idea of being a winner and loser, its a basic tenet of life, go watch the animals of Africa, there are winners (those that survive) and losers ( those that get eaten by the survivors) and do we see them going around and occupying villages and watering holes because life is unfair. To me, this is just more result of the sneaky ways the liberals and socialists have managed to erode the American Dream, they have managed to change the Dream from GO OUT AND MAKE A LIFE FOR YOURSELF! to nothing more than, you just sit there and complain loud enough, eventually the government will hear ya and then hand it to you anyways, its worked for so many years now for the so called MINORITIES ( African-Americans, illegal aliens, Unwed mothers) and I’m sure there are more that could be lopped into that grouping, but i digress. But the one thing that I am most assured of, that the erosion of the manners of America, this is the most rude bunch I’ve ever seen, only willing to let you listen, but don’t ever try to offer a different view. So, if they have no tolerance for a different view, how is it that they can claim to be victims of an intolerant society.


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