Meet JBS Administrative Assistant Kris Hauser

Kris HauserAdministrative assistant Kristine Hauser works with executive assistant Julie Smith. She is married to a wonderful man named William and between them they have five children. Their children range in age from 9 years old to 29 years old. The oldest child is married and has two children, Kris and William’s lovely grandchildren. Kris loves to spending time with her family; they are so special and important to her. She also likes to take walks, listen to good music, watch good movies, learn about history, and participate in her church.

She first started working for JBS about 10 years ago and worked at headquarters for three years. After raising her children for many years, she was rehired and has been working here again since April. Kris is so happy to be part of this wonderful organization once again, as she missed the people and what the organization stands for. Right now Kris calls our donors and thanks them, which is truly important, because without their generosity and support we wouldn’t be able to do all that is needed to do to educate people as to what really is happening in the world.

Fun Fact: her interests include baseball first and foremost. And, her favorite team, of course, is The Milwaukee Brewers. But she also enjoy football, which has to be the Green Bay Packers.

One Comment on “Meet JBS Administrative Assistant Kris Hauser”

  1. Kristine,

    Consider being a New England Patriots fan….Give Up The Cheese…..or better yet The Boston Redsox. I think if all JBS Members and Staff went in this direction, things would have to get better !!


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