Meet JBS Accountant Gloria Norton

Gloria has been at JBS since April 8, 2000. She started out doing accounts receivable with one other person. Then just a week after Gloria started, the girl in accounts payable quit and so Gloria took over her position and still helped with doing deposits and mail in accounts receivable. Then the lady in A/R left and Gloria and customer service took over the donations and deposits. She also took on the Payroll Department. Today Gloria does the accounts payable, which, includes the field expense reports, all checks for invoices we receive, etc. She also handles the payroll for JBS and TNA and everything that goes with that.
Gloria has three sons, one daughter, one step-son, twelve grandchildren, and one great grandson. She loves to read, do crafts, put puzzles together and travel. She’s a Packer fan and when she and some of her family get together for Packer games, it gets pretty loud.
Fun Fact: Gloria and one of her sons have a campsite in Shawano where they go four-wheeling in the summer. She’s also in a prayer group at her church.

One Comment on “Meet JBS Accountant Gloria Norton”

  1. Jim Eckland says:

    Gloria sounds like a nice lady, but she should “Squish The Cheese” and support the New England Patriots !!

    from, “Feeling Better Already”



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