Houston Council Dinner DVDs Available

Council-Dinner-Houston DVDsNow available, a new DVD set of the talks held in Houston at our Council Dinner. Price is $15 for the set of two, and talks include:

John F. McManus – “The North American Union: A Step Toward World Government” – 23 min.

Dr. J. Michael Ritze – “Nullifying ObamaCare: What States Need to do to Protect Health Care” – 41 min.

Arthur R. Thompson – “What Aren’t You Being Told About ObamaCare” – 37 min.
DVD total = 101 min.

Debra Medina – “The Case for Private Property” – 39 min.

Dr. Duke Pesta – “The Trials and Tribulations of Teaching the Truth” – 29 mins.

Judge Sterling Lacy – “One Man’s Journey From Preacher to Political Leader” – 47 mins.
DVD total = 105 min.

(2012, 206 total min., DVD)


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