Keeping the Past Alive: Returning Intern Works on Archive Project



Tom Riley is yet another intern working with The John Birch Society for the summer of 2013.  A rising senior in college, Tom has chosen to center his attention on digital cinema.  Tom’s area of expertise is shooting and editing motion pictures.  While hoping to one day prepare documentaries, Tom is presently archiving old footage of the company itself. Digitizing the old archives makes it possible for us to regain knowledge of older speeches and videos once produced. When asking Tom what his goals were for The John Birch Society and himself, he answered “to further promote The John Birch Society media wise.”  Furthering his explanation, he stressed the importance of educating the general public particularly through different types of media.

This interview and accumulation of knowledge about Tom Riley leads us into the topic of our next blog, “Sharpening your Sword.”  While we stressed the lack of exceptional education among young scholars in the previous blog, Tom had also articulated his hope for the education of the general public to be broadened through different types of media.  It is of the utmost importance for each individual to understand the power of knowledge and education and apply it to their everyday lives. 

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