Sharpening Your Sword

The preeminent gift one can give to oneself is knowledge.  Recognized as the theoretical comprehension of a subject, knowledge can be characterized as the accumulation of information and enhancement of skills obtained through discipline.

Knowledge is not currently seen as a dominant form of power; it is viewed as being insubstantial.  Power is generally seen as having money, dominance, or influence on society. Not only has this false conception on the part of the American public enabled drastic advances in power by the establishment elites, but the thought that knowledge is insubstantial has also enabled the dumbing down of America by the education elites.  Granted, with our current and past administration, knowledge of how the establishment elites are transforming our nation does leave those people who understand what’s happening more vulnerable.  However, that does not justify settling for ignorance.

Today, the progressives’ agenda for transforming this country is of high concern.  While some are unaware of the agenda, most are unknowingly indoctrinated in it.  In general, some are working to resist the agenda while others are trying to advance it.  Throughout these chaotic times, each individual has not only the opportunity, but the right to enhance their self-worth through knowledge.

It is necessary to sharpen your sword in order to win the battle; the more knowledge obtained, the more successful each individual will be in exposing the truth and fixing the current problems the establishment elites present us with.  In the coming days, you will find blogs posted here pertaining to the founding and history of the United States.  The information provided will discuss both history and the more current affairs in our country.

Without further ado, below you will find the Overview of America, a video produced by The John Birch Society, focusing on the freedom and prosperity of America.  Throughout the video, different forms of government are discussed and explained in a simple fashion.  The economic principles underlying the different forms of government are also explained.  The video will show how our country is unique and how the founding fathers designed the country to give each individual the most freedom possible.

The Overview of America video presentation is derived from The Overview of the World, a filmstrip presentation that John McManus produced for The John Birch Society in 1972.  This filmstrip dealt with political systems, economic systems and fighting the conspiracy.  While The Overview of The World was quite detailed and lengthy, the much shorter Overview of America is being widely used as an educational tool offering a more broad understanding of the various governmental systems and their corresponding economies.  Viewed by over 8 million people, Overview of America has been one of the most successful learning tools The John Birch Society has.  Cathy Spoehr, the director of media at The John Birch Society, played a huge role in the production of the Overview of America video.  Very excited about the finished product, Cathy mentioned her department will be working on part 2 in the near future!  When discussing the production of the next part, Cathy said “I think it will be a very good educational piece.”  The second part will be a “direct look at America’s history and how far we have strayed from the principles of our founding fathers.”

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