Al Gore Reemerges To Promote a Fright-Peddling Book

Al Gore Reemerges To Promote a Fright-Peddling Book
by JBS President John F. McManus

The New York Times “Book Review” section for February 16th featured Al Gore’s lengthy review of Elizabeth Kolbert’s “The Sixth Extinction: An Unnatural History.” A writer for The New Yorker, Kolbert has issued her scary views about ecological disasters for many years. She now promotes a belief that man-made climate change will bring about mass extinction of 20 to 50 percent of all living species on earth in the 21st century. This book is right up Gore’s alley.

Flickr photo of Al Gore from kangotraveler, some rights reserved.

The former Vice President hasn’t been heard from lately. For sure, he didn’t comment when 21 researchers and tourists got a scare in Antarctica a few weeks ago. After these scientists and environmental cheerleaders found their vessel stuck in unexpected ice, then saw two vessels sent to fetch them similarly trapped, and finally had to be rescued by helicopter, the claims that the earth was warming weren’t heard. This time of year, of course, is summer in Antarctica when there’s supposed to be some melting. But it was colder than expected and it almost cost 21 lives. Not even a hint of revising his claims has come from Mr. Gore, the man whose insistence about global warming has become such ample fodder for comedians that he and others no longer use the term and offer “climate change” as a substitute.

In his review, the founder and chairman of the pompously named Climate Reality Project lustily cheered the Kolbert book because “we continue to use the world’s atmosphere as an open sewer for the daily dumping of more than 90 million tons of gaseous waste.” Most of that supposed problem, of course, is carbon dioxide without which plant life would indeed become extinct. Then, while never mentioning that some of climatologist James Hansen extreme claims have been shown to be absurd, Gore points to Hansen’s insistence that man-made pollution “traps enough heat every 24 hours as would be released by the detonation of 400,000 Hiroshima-style nuclear bombs.” It’s amazing how far some so-called experts will go in issuing wild theories.

The Kolbert book dwells on one apocalyptic scenario after another. The earth’s water cycle is being disturbed; oceans are being warmed; coral reefs will be the first to disappear ; crops are threatened; droughts will surely occur; and on and on she goes to the obvious delight of Mr. Gore. How significant that the man who popularized the global warming term now refers only to “climate change.”

In his 1992 book “Earth In the Balance,” then-Senator Al Gore actually proposed “eliminating the internal combustion engine over, say, a twenty-five-year period.” That means automobiles, a convenience he has never ceased to use. If his extreme attitude prevailed, all of us would be only a few years away from trying to get along without cars, trucks, and other vital machinery.

In short, “The Sixth Extinction” mirrors Al Gore’s extremism and its claims and conclusion should be discounted. The book is merely a reflection of the dangerous nonsense Gore has been issuing for several decades. That The New York Times, long a consistent propagandist for discredited environmental theorizing, would ask him to promote the Kolbert book via a prominent review is hardly surprising.

2 Comments on “Al Gore Reemerges To Promote a Fright-Peddling Book”

  1. Anybody that would believe anything that Al Gore has to say must believe the he invented the internet. Anybody that would be favorably influenced by Al Gore would have to have a “screw loose.”


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