Drug Kingpin Arrest Won’t Stop Drug Trade

Drug Kingpin Arrest Won’t Stop Drug Trade
by JBS President John F. McManus

Two weeks ago, authorities from Mexico and the U.S. arrested the leader of the Sinaloa drug cartel during a pre-dawn raid in the Mexican city of Mazatlan. Joaquin Guzman Loera and four members of the well-known worldwide drug operation surrendered without a fight.

The Sinaloa cartel operated not only in Mexico and neighboring United States but had cooperative efforts with several European criminal elements including the Cosa Nostra in Sicily. While many hoped that the apprehension of Guzman would lead to a slowdown or termination of drug trafficking, a more realistic assessment expected little change. Sadly, we note that Sinaloa is not alone, only the largest international drug provider.

Samuel Logan has earned a reputation as one of the more astute analysts of worldwide criminal activity. An official of the investment firm Southern Pulse, he cautioned against expecting that the arrest of Guzman would have much of an effect on the drug trade. “The entire Mexican state could fall,” he commented, “and the drug trade will continue.” As reported by The New York Times, Logan compared the loss of a key member of the cartel with the effect a similar takedown of the leader of McDonald’s would cause. “If the C.E.O. of McDonald’s was arrested today,” he believes, “you could still buy a hamburger in Tokyo tomorrow.” That is the reality of the worldwide drug business. No one has risen to deny that.

According to some experts who study the problem, the drug trade will continue as long as there is a demand. And the demand will continue, even grow, as long as there is no alternative to the thrill-seeking initially provided by drugs and the life of dependency on pills, needles and rootlessness that follows.

Though they will try, law enforcement and medical experts won’t solve the drug problem. Neither will sociologists or the federal War on Drugs (another no-win war?). The need is for a strengthening of families and the associated religious and academic training that stable families always provide. Joaquin Guzman Loera may now be behind bars and that’s where he belongs. But we will soon learn the name of his successor in the very lucrative and very harmful drug business. And drug trafficking will continue to grow as the family structure, heavily under attack, continues to deteriorate.

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