Moderate Republican Would Cheapen Military Service

Moderate Republican Would Cheapen Military Service
by JBS President John F. McManus

California Republican Jeff Denham is seeking to insert amnesty for illegal entrants to our country into the National Defense Authorization Act. If his measure is added to the bill that authorizes funding for our nation’s military, he will have cheapened what it means to serve the nation in uniform. But there are other reasons why this proposal should be ignored.

If the Denham measure becomes law, it rewards any illegal entrant who came across the border before 2012 and was 14 years old (or younger) whenever he or she entered the U.S. All the illegal person has to do is sign up for the military. The law, if attached to the Defense Appropriation Act, would require the Department of Homeland Security to provide permanent resident status (a green card) to any such person who meets the two simple requirements noted above.

There are several things terribly wrong with proposal. The first is that an illegal entrant to our country is a criminal. Do we want criminals flooding into the military? Next, why should anyone who broke our laws when entering the country be trusted to honor the oath taken by all who do serve in the military? Doesn’t having such persons serving the nation possibly endanger the nation? Might some be a security risk? Then, the requirement to prove one came here when a youngster is so loose that simply stating it as a fact is virtually all that’s needed.

Last year, Denham tried to include his proposal for this kind of easy amnesty but it got nowhere. So he’s trying again. It would be good for our nation if all readers of this message contacted their congressman to say, “No,” to this proposal.

Relaxing immigration requirements, any form of amnesty, is wrong to begin with. Doing so for illegal aliens and allowing them into our nation’s military is even worse.

Mr. McManus is a former Marine officer who has written “Changing Commands.” This book, published in 1995, exposes the plans of U.S. leaders to convert America’s military from defender of the nation to enforcer of the new world order.

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