Bergdahl’s “Desertion” Likened to Kerry’s False Charges

Bergdahl’s “Desertion” Likened to Kerry’s False Charges
by  JBS President, John F. McManus

It’s good news that Sgt. Bowe Bergdahl has been released by the Taliban; however, while government officials have been quick to describe him as a “hero,” several of his former platoon mates refuse to agree.

On June 5th, Megyn Kelly of Fox News assembled six of the men who served with Bergdahl five years ago in that 30-man unit in eastern Afghanistan: all are still serving in the Army. The leader of the group in 2009 was Sergeant Evan Buetow. Without mincing his words, Buetow immediately stated that Bergdahl “had deserted.”

Seemingly aghast, Kelly asked the men sitting before the Fox cameras to raise a hand if they thought he had deserted. All six did so without hesitation. Cody Full stated with proper emphasis, “We took an oath and we all had to abide by it; you don’t just leave your fellow Americans to join with somebody else.” Matt Verkant was the team leader of the squad in which Bergdahl had been serving. Verkant noted that each of them had volunteered to serve and “had signed up to do a job.” He felt that Bergdahl had let all of his mates down. Squad leader Justin Gearlever also stressed that they had all “volunteered” knowing what was expected of them wouldn’t be easy.

Together, these men expressed their firm belief that Bergdahl wasn’t captured and that he had voluntarily left his post and his mates. “So we pushed the patrol out right away” to look for him and bring him back. That effort and subsequent efforts to find the missing soldier became costly inasmuch as two were killed immediately and several others died in subsequent efforts to locate him.

Obama administration spokesmen, even the president himself, have refused to label Bergdahl a deserter and have cautioned all to wait until the man has a chance to get back to America from his hospitalization in Germany and tell his own story. Secretary of State John Kerry has sought vociferously to defuse anger over the release of five top Taliban operatives from the Guantanamo Base prison in exchange for the wandering soldier.

Kerry’s frequent appearances on television and statements given to the press prompted California Republican Representative Duncan Hunter to liken Bergdahl’s “desertion” with Kerry’s conduct while serving in Vietnam in 1969 and when he returned to the States. Hunter recalled in a televised interview:

As John Kerry threw his medals over the White House fence and turned his back on all of his Vietnam brothers and sisters, that’s what Bergdahl did…. Bergdahl walked away from his men and he left them in a bad spot. People lost their lives or got hurt trying to find him.

Congressman Hunter took the opportunity to remind listeners that while he was serving on active duty, Kerry fraudulently earned three Purple Heart medals for minor scratches that no one would else had ever received. Some of his supposed wounds were even self-inflicted. He was given a Silver Star for heroism performed by others. Still in uniform after arriving back in the States, Kerry threw his medals over Washington DC fence and then provided a completely false account of the action then taking place in Vietnam. He insisted to a Senate panel that American personnel had “raped, cut off ears, cut off heads, cut off limbs, blown up bodies, razed villages” and more. He even went to France to meet with a high Viet Cong official in an act that violated the law but won him great praise in the American Communist Party’s press.

Later in 2004, when challenged about his disgraceful conduct and his sensational indictment of fellow American military personnel, Kerry admitted that what he said about fellow Americans serving in Vietnam wasn’t true. Congressman Hunter’s charge that Kerry had “turned his back on all of his Vietnam brothers and sisters” was correct, even if understated.

We await the return of Bowe Bergdahl to America and his answers to some tough questions he should be required to supply; we suggest Secretary of State John Kerry not conduct the questioning.

In the meantime, visit The New American website to read past articles on Bergdahl, learn more about the story and keep up-to-date as we wait for new news to surface.


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